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The 4 Activities you could organise this summer!

A Red Heart with the text  The Heart of Summer
The Heart of Summer

Ok so just imagine. Once upon a time in a town called Sunnydale, summer was supposed to be in full swing. However, unexpected rain showers had been pouring down for the past two months, leaving the residents feeling gloomy and longing for some sunshine. With the summer solstice just three days away, everyone wondered how they could celebrate summer when it felt like it hadn't even arrived yet.

In the midst of the dreary weather, the townspeople decided to brighten their spirits by organizing a "Sunshine Celebration" to welcome summer in style.

Here are some of the creative ways they found to include in the Sunshine Celebration to lift their moods so as to Brighten Up their Spirit:

1. **Sunshine Parade:** They organized a colourful parade through the town, with people dressed in bright yellow and orange costumes, carrying sun-shaped balloons and spreading cheer.

2. **Indoor Beach Party:** Since they couldn't enjoy the beach outdoors, they transformed the town hall into a makeshift beach with sand, beach balls, and tropical decorations. Everyone enjoyed beach-themed games and music.

3. **Sunflower Planting:** The community came together to plant sunflowers all around the town, symbolizing hope for sunny days ahead and adding a pop of colour to the rainy landscape.

4. **Rainbow Potluck:** Residents prepared dishes in all the colours of the rainbow and gathered for a vibrant potluck, sharing stories and laughter while enjoying the colourful feast.

As the townspeople embraced these creative ways to celebrate summer despite the rainy weather, they realized that the true spirit of summer lies in the warmth we create within ourselves and share with others. And so, even before the sun finally broke through the clouds, Sunnydale was already shining brightly with the joy of summer in their hearts...

Remember ... 'The Heart of Summer' is within us and so too is our happiness.


Sun protection is crucial. It helps prevent skin damage, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and wards off premature aging. To protect ourselves, we can seek shade during peak sunlight hours, wear protective clothing(a) with Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF 50+ and sunglasses, and apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

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